Reviews From The Lone Winters Cold

Heavy Hardes: 6/6

Anfang des Jahres brachten die Günzburger Augrimmer die vier-Track-EP Autumnal Heavens als Appetithappen auf den Markt, nun folgt also das erste offizielle vollständige Album. Nicht schlecht, wenn man bedenkt, dass der Name Augrimmer schon elf Jahre auf dem Buckel hat. Wie dem auch sei, die EP hatte mir im Januar ordentlich Lust auf mehr gemacht und ich sollte nicht enttäuscht werden.
Als erstes fällt auf, das der Black Metal des Trios an Geschwindigkeit zugelegt hat. Gleich der Opener und Titelsong prescht recht ordentlich im flotten Uptempo durch die Anlage. Schnelles Riffing, kalt klingende Gitarren und ein Quäntchen an Melodien, die sich nie zu sehr in den Vordergrund drängen, bestimmen hier das Klangbild. Unmerklich wird das Tempo auf moderates Midtempo herunter geschraubt, wo es auf einen ordentlichen Groove trifft. Sänger und Bassist Satan growlt-keift sich hierzu die Stimmbänder aus dem dunklen Hals, dass es eine wahre Freude ist. Wie schon oben erwähnt, haben Augrimmer das Tempo etwas angezogen im Vergleich zu EP, jedoch ist das Debutalbum, was das Tempo betrifft, sehr abwechslungsreich gehalten worden. So wird mehrfach in den Songs das Tempo variiert, dies jedoch so geschickt, dass die Songs nicht durch Breaks oder ähnliches auseinander gerissen werden, alles bleibt schön zusammen hängend. Bestes Beispiel hierfür ist “The Nightful Sleep Below”, der mit einem wilden Ritt durch die Walachei beginnt, dann jedoch im unteren Midtempobereich weitermacht, bevor das Tempo wieder etwas angezogen wird, jedoch nicht mehr die Anfangsgeschwindigkeit erreicht. Vielmehr wird hier auf stets nach vorne treibendes Drumming gesetzt, welches sich sofort der Nackenmuskulatur bemächtigt.
Wenn man bedenkt, über welchen langen Zeitraum die Songs entstanden sind, ist es nicht verwunderlich, wenn ihnen eine schöne old-school-Note anhängt, ohne jedoch altbacken zu wirken. Augrimmer führen die Tradition fort, die die schwedischen Black Metal-Bands vergangener Tage ins Leben gerufen haben. Sehr zu empfehlen.

Taakefrost: 10/10

In light of nowadays aspiration of many impatient musicians – to reach the completion of an album as fast and unobstructed as possible – it is really more than eye-catching, if a project works towards its debut for years with admirable stoicism and soulful dedication. In the case of Augrimmer, believe it or not, four winters – including a demo and a mini-CD – have past until one was able to proudly look upon one’s own first perfection.
However, that such a feeling of pride is in no way inappropriate or even impudent is being documented en detail by every single composition, which has captured its indisputatious place on “From The Lone Winters Cold”. Since, what the German (nota bene!) trio here presents with unbelievable, icy verve is simply breathtaking. The basic lineaments of the musical content more than clearly root in the classic construct of Nordic Black Metal, even though that must be differentiated subtly, for Augrimmer’s stylistic habitus can be defined by both Norwegian traditionalism and Swedish melody. Though, completely going against the general norms, the listener needn’t face a strained homage, but is downright enclosed by an absolutely individualistic procedure; only the music’s strict fundament lets one sense the deep bond with the traditional element.
Thereupon, in consideration of such an initial position it is barely astonishing that actually every piece of this debut draws upon a monstrous degree of quality and authenticity. For this purpose, the sound-technical direction has been chosen felicitously raw, but still allows the particular instrumental components enough free space. Then, in practice, this is being manifest to that extent that the recipient feels taken back to yon time, when Black Metal was still young and controversial and there was no sign of its present popularity.
And it is this very spirit, which Augrimmer breathes with “From The Lone Winters Cold”; the music is fraught with clanking cold, thunderous riffing, a no less frosty accentuation of the bass-play, acutely thoughtful hints and malicious grimness. Additionally there is this doubtlessly excellent structure of the compositions – with versed hands one avoids all kinds of foreseeable commonness and, thus, steadily achieves in striving for the perfect acme. In doing so, the listener formally sinks in intensive emotion and absconds into the solitary and primordial vastness of coldness, night and winter; delves into profound thoughts and the insight of human nothingness in the august countenance of Mother Nature. – These highly emotional outbreaks are being stimulated by consistently in-pouring, crystalline acoustic-dots, whose mellow and nocturnal aura raises a dulcet, but the more lugubrious atmosphere, which one can escape from only unwillingly.
Now imagine these fractal impressions on a length of somewhat more than forty minutes and by and by it should become clear, which dimension the intensity of yon debut is able to adopt. Precisely: For a long time, “From The Lone Winters Cold” with its concentrated, authentic, nostalgic charm is arguably the most haunting and moving interpretation of Nordic Black Metal, which not even suffers from the obligatory lack of originality – for the time being there will be no concurrence!

Metallized: 80/99

Non ho dimenticato gli Augrimmer.
Nei mesi passati dalla recensione del loro primo EP, più volte, scorrendo lo scaffale dei cd, mi sono soffermato su Autumnal Heavens, finendo per farlo girare più e più volte nel mio lettore, accorgendomi di esserne sempre più preso ogni volta.
Così, quando è giunto a casa mia il pacchetto contenente questo From The Lone Winters Cold, un discreto ma sincero sorriso mi si è dipinto in volto; ero davvero curioso di sapere se il disco in questione mi avrebbe regalato le stesse emozioni.
E invece no. From The Lone Winters Cold va anche oltre, e sono ormai dieci giorni che rappresenta una presenza fissa nella mia musica quotidiana.
La band tedesca continua si sulla strada dell’EP già citato, ma potenziando la vena ambient/atmosferica che già costituiva il lato forte della sua proposta; il risultato è che le lunghe composizioni scorrono via senza annoiare ma neanche con leggerezza, infilandosi con prepotenza nei padiglioni auricolare dell’ignaro ascoltatore con riff ipnotici organizzati in continui mid-tempos claustrofobici; sempre l’ignaro ascoltatore si illude di voler cambiar canzone, ma si rende presto conto che non ci riesce, sopraffatto dalle angoscianti atmosfere sapientemente costruite con un eccellente lavoro di songwriting, che non cade mai nel banale anche quando utilizza formule già ben note come la classica struttura “mid-tempo, stacco acustico, accelerazione improvvisa”.
Il trio germanico è così sapientemente in grado di rapirci con la sua musica che spesso non ci si accorge del trascorrere del disco, e si arriva alla fine dei 41 minuti di running time con la spiacevolissima sensazione che manchi qualcosa; ci vuole un po’ a realizzare che quei 41 minuti si è “solo” ascoltato musica; anche approcciandosi ad essa con occhio analitico -come cerco di fare per fornire un’analisi oggettiva- si riesce solo a cogliere una sbiadita facciata, mentre l’essenza vera della musica supera la zona cosciente e si instilla in quella che custodisce i nostri sentimenti più cupi e le paure più nascoste, e le stuzzica, le solletica procurando un balzo al cuore. Gli Augrimmer, dietro alla parata di un black metal di chiaro stampo ’90s -che risulta ad una fredda analisi neanche troppo originale-, giocano con noi e con le nostre emozioni: ci catturano in magiche e imponenti melodie, costringendoci ad aprirci e mostrare i nostri punti deboli, che poi colpiscono con impietosa -ed impetuosa- violenza, travolgendoci in un ciclone di odio e di nera rabbia; quando hanno finito ci gettano via, come un giocattolo rotto, in balia di una stridente sezione acustica e di un rasserenato Satan -ok, sul nome glissiamo pure- che, quasi con un malsano e maligno sarcasmo, percependo il nostro dolore e la nostra sofferenza, abbandona il suo ferocissimo scream per permetterci di rifiatare, salvo poi tornare violentemente a colpire quando meno ce lo aspettiamo.
Soffro, quando ascolto From The Lone Winters Cold. Soffro un genere che non ho potuto vivere, soffro la maligna e lucida cattiveria degli attacchi di Draug, soffro i laceranti riff di Nord, che entrano fino nel mio Io più intimo sconvolgendolo.
Dio(?) come soffro. Ma per favore, lasciatemi continuare a soffrire. Per sempre!

Lords of Metal: 79/100

Damn, it feels so good to be right: when the ‘Autumnal Heavens’ EP, which was originally meant to be just a demo, I wrote in the review that my tip for the future was to keep an eye on these guys. Well, you felt this one coming: ‘From The Lone Winters Cold’, the debut full length, is here and turned out to be a solid debut album. Earlier on I described the band as a typical exponent of the German black metal bands that took their inspiration from the Norwegian pioneers, and the band has not changed yet matured their style. So if you are interested in a band that sounds a bit like early Immortal, a bit of Gorgoroth and a somewhat diversified guitar sound (think of a more rough sound in the vein of Dissection and perhaps Endstille) you get a picture of what to expect.
Critics do call this music sometimes Volkswagen black metal: German black metal that have clearly inspired their music on the Norwegian bands, yet that have given a typical German twist to the music: thorough, well performed but not very original. At least you don’t have to be afraid of pagan influences like with other German extreme metal bands. In general the band plays fast yet no super speed and the variation is maintained by putting in breaks and more epic passages. Regarding this, the current songs on the band’s MySpace and ‘Deadlights’’ from the accompanying YouTube-clip can be considered as quite representative.
‘From The Lone Winters Cold’ is a fine debut, especially if you dig the German black metal. The growth of the band is obvious, it is well constructed yet nothing spectacular. For me it is good enough to make sure that I will keep this band in sight. Also for future developments: I think they can still grow within their format.

Powermetal: 8/10

Mit ihrem Debütalbum gelingt den Günzburger Blackies ein ganz großer Schritt nach vorne!
Nachdem mir die im Januar erschienene EP von AUGRIMMER bereits vielversprechend deuchte, mich aber noch nicht völlig für sich einnehmen konnte, ist auf dem nun vorliegenden Debütalbum “From The Lone Winters Cold” ein deutlicher Fortschritt zu bemerken, was der durch die voran gegangenen EP-Aufnahmen gewonnenen Studio- und Songwriting-Erfahrung zu danken sein dürfte. Die Band bewahrt sich ihren Stil, der von kalten, surrenden Riffs und fast perfektem, sehr sauber artikuliert keifendem Gesang geprägt ist. Dabei klingt sie jedoch vielseitiger, legt an manchen Stellen an Geschwindigkeit und Durchschlagskraft zu, was zum Beispiel das eröffnende Titelstück schön demonstriert. Es ergeht sich in gepflegter Nordland-Raserei, die ein Stückchen weit an die Pandafraktion aus Bergen um 1993 herum erinnert, diesen Sound aber etwas druckvoller und mit mehr Fokus auf der Gitarrenmelodie umsetzt.
Das kürzere ‘A Ride The Celestial Night’ ist sehr eingängig und prägnant und lebt von einem schönen Hauptriff mit merklichem Tritonus-Einsatz. Dazu kommt im letzten Refrain ein ganz zaghafter, kaum hörbarer klarer Gesang im Hintergrund, den ich besonders reizvoll finde. Mit ‘The Nightful Sleep Below’ wagen sich die Schwaben aus dem unteren Günztal im Einstieg an ein sehr rock’n’rolliges Riff, das die Norwegen-Affinität des Trios unterstreicht. Wobei die später im Song einsetzenden, sehr melodischen Leadgitarren über dem Grundriff offenbaren, dass auch die schwedische Schule ihre Spuren hinterlassen hat. Die Labelinfo nennt SETHERIAL als Einfluss, was man in Sachen kaltes Feeling durchaus so stehen lassen kann. Auch wenn mir AUGRIMMER hier ein wenig gezügelter vorkommen als die manisch blastenden Schweden. Dafür finde ich den Gesang hier nachvollziehbarer und ausdrucksstärker. Leider wird der Song recht schlicht ausgefadet.
Mit ‘At Winterdawn’ und ‘Deadlights’ enthält die Scheibe auch zwei Neueinspielungen vom 2007er-Demo, die im neuen Soundgewand und mit der gewonnenen Reife ebenfalls richtig gut geworden sind. So verfügt ‘At Winterdawn’ über sehr schöne, cleane Gitarrenparts, wobei der Übergang vom hiermit eingeleiteten Solo in den Hauptteil des Stückes allerdings noch ein bisschen dramatischer hätte inszeniert werden können. Dafür besticht das Stück mit einem tollen, kurzen Solo im Mittelstück. Auch das wirklich hervorragende ‘The Orcus Storms’ greift diesen schönen Wechsel der Stimmungen auf und macht dabei eine noch bessere Figur. Vor allem wenn in den ausufernden Instrumentalparts im letzten Drittel auch mal etwas verspielter mit den Melodien gearbeitet wird. Das akustische Intro zu ‘Bearer Of Sorrow’ zitiert gar ganz kurz ULVERs Abendgesänge und das abschließende ‘A Thrall Of The Night’ weiß ebenfalls mit verwunschenen A-Gitarren-Intermezzi zu begeistern und mittels des Basses eine sehr intensive Atmosphäre zu kreieren.
AUGRIMMER ist mit ihrem Debütalbum ein riesiger Sprung nach vorne gelungen, und ihre Art und Weise zwischen den norwegischen und schwedischen Schulen der gefangen nehmenden Vertonung von Kälte und Dunkelheit einen zwar nicht völlig eigenständigen, aber doch recht individuellen Weg zu gehen, ist sehr weit gediehen. Wenn die Entwicklung der Band in diesem Maß weiter geht, dann stehen die Günzburger kurz vor dem Sprung in die erste deutsche Black-Metal-Liga. Nachdem nunmehr auch die Live-Front in Angriff genommen wird, steht dem weiteren Gedeihen hoffentlich nichts mehr im Wege.
Anspieltipps: A Ride The Celestial Night, The Nightful Sleep Below, The Orcus Storms, A Thrall Of The Night

Metal-Reviews: 81/100

I have purposefully held out this review from the last week’s batch for it not to be overshadowed by major releases by prominent black metal bands (Immortal, Gorgoroth, Marduk). German melodic black metallers Augrimmer came up with a confident and competent collection of enjoyable songs on their From the Lone Winters Cold, deserving of your undivided attention, not when it is obscured by the more established masters of the genre.
It seems that only recently I have reviewed their EP Autumnal Heavens and commented that Augrimmer can really capture your interest, even if the influences are showing through. From the Lone Winters Cold must have been in the works at that time for it to appear so soon thereafter. The full-length is appropriately tagged Northern black metal, as Augrimmer is crisscrossing the field touching on many who came before them, all in search of their own sound.
The album has songs with anxious punky devil-may-care Darkthrone recklessness, with double bass triumphant procession hidden in between (A Ride the Celestial Night). Punky thrash gives way to the grimmer outlook on The Nightful Sleep Below. The folk inspired longing lead is a perfect Walpurgisnacht soundtrack. More chaotic and slicing The Orcus Storm finds room for a melodic wave to emerge, to finish up with a deathy muscular riff and final deafening vocal pitch and stormy tremolo (to make a play on title). Deadlights has the raucous attitude of latter day Vreid and expansive Norse melodies of Windir. Impressed with what Keep of Kalessin did on Armada, Augrimmer throw their own flamenco flavored acoustic bit into the dramatic Bearer of Sorrow. And, of course, there are epic rousing blast-and-tremolo songs, like the opener title track, At Winterdawn and the euphoric threnodious closer march A Thrall of the Night.
Augrimmer guitars have a lot of early Immortal buzz, but I don’t find them nearly as thin or slicing. At the same time the drums are significantly thicker and rumble beneath. Coupled with expansive melodies I find this music being almost the opposite of dark and cold, despite numerous song title references to night and winter. A Thrall of the Night and the title track are practically warm sounding, achieving a pacifying attitude.
Augrimmer compositions are not plain streamlined from A to B songs. They are full with inserts and sidesteps (a tribal folk moment on the title track is a perfect example) intended to distract for a moment only to refocus a minute later. For something which could self-drown in being overly eclectic, Augrimmer manage to make their black metal multifaceted and interesting, despite, again, some noticeable allusions throughout.
Killing Songs : From the Lone Winters Cold, At Winterdawn, Bearer of Sorrow

Metalcrypt: 4/5

After releasing two MCDs, notably one earlier this year (Autumnal Heavens), Augrimmer finally bring us their debut album, From the Lone Winters Cold. This act is now a trio formed of founder Nord (guitars), Satan (vocals and bass) and Draugh (drums). Augrimmer came to life a decade ago as a one-man project. The German trio is labeled as “Northern Black Metal”, which I believe is right on.
Black and white cover art, fast and grim music, discrete rasps and subtle hues make Augrimmer interesting to listen to and discover. Nothing fancy as such or even new to be heard on this disc, just good old coldness. The sound production is a bit raw, fitting their musical direction quite well. Their music is not constantly stuck on those blast beats, Augrimmer can easily moderate to those well appreciated mid-tempos, allowing nice atmosphere and crushingness to sink in. What makes this CD more pleasant are all those extra musical harmonies that were included. Sometimes, they take the form of folksy or epic passages; otherwise they can be clean arpeggios or even some darkly ambient keyboard passages. All of those delicacies bring out their own melodious touch on such great number such as “From the Lone Winters Cold”, “A Ride to Celestial Night” and “At Winterdawn”. “Bearer of Sorrow” uses a classical guitar in the intro, as well as a couple of times later on during the song. Closer “A Thrail of the Night” ends the album perfectly by making the heavy crunchiness and melodic aspects alternate in harmony.
From Lone Winters Cold is one more safe Black Metal release from Germany.

Metalobserver: 8/10

Years ago I received AUGRIMMER’s demo to review, unfortunately it arrived snapped in half. As a result, I had a listen to what was floating about on the interweb, and liked what I heard, but ultimately wasn’t exactly gutted that all I had in me mitts was a plastic smile and a plastic frown. Roll on to 2009 and “From The Lone Winters Cold” would I be so nonchalant if this had turned up in two pieces? Well fuck my old boots, most certainly not!
What we have here is a sterling example of no nonsense Black Metal delivered in earnest that is veined with progressive elements that add a whole other aspect to AUGRIMMER’s sound and the result is definitely worth kicking through the crowd to get to. The rhythmic side of the guitar froths with effusive vigour, an Alka Seltzer and amphetamine barrage that scours along with confidence, there’s also a hint of acid in the air but not to the extent that your nostrils will singe, though it may well make your eyes water a bit. In effect this tumble of guitar is highly engaging, the riffs snag like velcro, they’ll etch themselves onto your memory swift enough. Galloping alongside, tongue lolling, is a bubbling bass that bounds along lending some straight faced groove to the proceedings, it’s like a hound on the hunt, full of infectious energy.
Where AUGRIMMER vault above their contemporaries is in the use of Rock influences that slip the post and whilst intrinsically being in contrast, actually form a symbiotic relationship with the Black Metal bruising. Using „At Winterdawn“ as a case in point, the driving force that catapults itself from out of the gently picked beginning soon finds itself mellowing due to the influence of a dulcet suggestion that progressive threads are woven into the fabric of this album. The artistry though, is in the judicious use of this device, it’s used sparingly ensuring that when it does manifest, it’s something a little bit special and in keeping with the contagious cacophony elsewhere, it burrows itself under the skin like a tumbu fly maggot and lodges itself for the duration. Expect then blazing strikes of light as lead guitar spits out laser beam brilliance against the dark sky of the prevailing Black, note too the occasional ripple of silver as well as the swirling purples of spilt oil, it all adds a touch of intrigue and a distinct desire to listen all over again.
Whilst „From The Lone Winters Cold“ tends to run along at a rollicking rate, it would be wrong to say it is always fleet on its feet, there is an easy balance of tempos. For those that wish for rush, AUGRIMMER oblige with surges of speed, nothing over the top and for those of you unfit gits that need to catch your breath, there are plenty of slower but equally emphatic sections that still possess the necessary punch. The drums have ample opportunity to demonstrate how adept they are, what ever the pace, there’s an insistent bass kick throughout that is happy to hammer but is also content to wait for the moment, the rest of the kit has a degree of muffle but persuades nonetheless. Vocals are a cold snarl, there are no hysterics just a contemptuous disdain that complements the chill of the rest of the instrumentation (other than the firebrands in the night that come courtesy of those lead strikes.)
This album has been a pleasant surprise, highly involving and more than capable of raising the pulse rate. The melding of progressive elements with driving Black Metal causes a tingling in the Extremity. With „From The Lone Winters Cold“ AUGRIMMER have given some of the heavyweights something to chew on, some of them may well choke on it.

Metaldistrict: 8,5/10

Noch nicht ganz ein Jahr ist vergangen, und AUGRIMMER legen nach. Aber das war ja abzusehen, dass es recht schnell Nachschub geben würde, da ja neben den Songs der EP schon einige weitere Songs fertig waren. Obwohl man durchaus die Marschrichtung schon ausmachen konnte, überrascht das Ergebnis, und zwar positiv.
Während “Autumnal Heavens” durchaus noch Raum für Licht und herbstliche Stimmung liess, oder zumindest für deren Nachwirkung, ist “From the Lone Winters Cold” der logische Schritt und ist dementsprechend bitterkalt ausgefallen. Deutlich wuchtiger und aggressiver wirken die Songs, ohne dass sie den für AUGRIMMER typischen Melodierahmen ändern würden. Das Soundgewand unterstreicht diese nur marginale Veränderung, einerseits werden die schrammelnden Riffs und die Drums sehr wuchtig in Szene gesetzt, andererseits wird aber gleichzeitig die Kälte der Songs durch den recht kühlen Sound hervorgehoben. Die krächzigen Vocals kommen ohne Hall oder sonstige grosse Effekte aus, und komplementieren das sehr rohe Gesamtbild.
Selbst die wenigen akkustischen Einlagen wirken roh und kühl, das Keyboard kommt nur sehr sparsam zum Einsatz. Meistens sind AUGRIMMER aber auf wirklich aggressiven Pfaden unterwegs, die dezent folkig angehauchten Melodien fügen diesem Eindruck keinen Schaden zu, im Gegenteil. Das Tempo wurde insgesamt etwas angezogen, so dass die meisten Songs nun am oberen Rand der Mid-Tempo Skala anzutreffen sind. Wobei diese angenehme Monotonie durchaus mit wechselnden Rhythmen und dezenten Tempowechseln aufgelockert wird.
Nein, mit Innovation oder Experimenten wollen sie immer noch nichts zu tun haben. Die Veränderungen sind marginal und wohl eher der gewachsenen Erfahrung zuzuschreiben, das Ergebnis ist sehr typisch AUGRIMMER. Und das gefällt mir nach wie vor sehr gut. Wer “Autumnal Heavens” mochte, wird auch “From the Lone Winters Cold” wieder mögen.

Friedhof: 9/10

Es una pena que haya bandas que tarden más de 10 años en sacar su primer disco; muchas veces me pregunto ¿Qué sentido tiene editar el disco de un grupo que tendría que haber expuesto su música hace un montón de tiempo? Y lo qué es más importante ¿Qué nos deparan bandas así en el futuro? ¿Tienen joyas similares guardadas en su baúl?
Todas y cada una de esas preguntas creo que no tendrán respuesta hasta dentro de mucho tiempo, no obstante, este sería un claro caso, los alemanes Aügrimmer.
El ahora trío alemán, empezó su singladura con un sólo integrante: “Nord”, que inicio sus pasos en el ahora lejano 1998, tuvieron que pasar 7 años para que se uniera un segundo integrante: “Berserker”, el batería. Por desgracia, “Berserker” tuvo que dejar el grupo tras un inesperado cambio laboral, del todo incompatible con el funcionamiento del grupo.
*No fue hasta el año 2006 en que el grupo consiguió la formación que actualmente conocemos. La incorporación de “Satan” (vocalista) y “Draug” (batería) fue vital para la continuación de Aügrimmer. Entonces sí, las cosas comenzaron a ir más rápido hasta tal punto de editar un EP “The Autumnal Heavens” y poco después su larga duración “From the lone winters cold”.
“From the lone winters cold” consta de ocho cortes de una duración media de cinco y un total de cuarenta y un minutos de puro Black Metal alemán. Podríamos decir que nada más escuchar un minuto de este genial disco nos bastaría para decir que el disco posee una aura alemana de lo más identificable, eso sí, sin ningún ápice de “paganidad”.
El disco, globalmente, aún contando con la presencia de algunos cortes de un estilo más ambiental, acústico o clásico (como ocurre por ejemplo en la cuarta pista: “At winterdawn”) es bastante rápido. El trabajo está salpicado de melodías épicas y un cierto aire punk, representado por ciertos riffs que recuerdan a los primeros grupos “blackers”.
Si lo que buscáis es un disco de Black Metal con aires de old-school algo melódico y sin por eso hacerse pesado, este es vuestro disco. Aún así, desde el punto de vista del que escribe, creo que si son capaces de madurar en algunos aspectos como el de tratar, sea el tiempo que coste, la profesionalidad en sus temas (creo que acaban demasiado de golpe, sin dejar al oyente tragar y continuar con el siguiente tema) serán uno de los grupos que darán que hablar próximamente. 4/5

Ormai è risaputo che la scena tedesca da anni sforna in ambito black metal band capaci di far passare in secondo piano quelle della scena storica scandinava. Gli Augrimmer, band nata nel 2005, sono fra coloro che assolutamente danno ancora più lustro alla scena teutonica e una etichetta attenta come la Northen Silence Production non ci ha pensato due volte mettendoli sotto contratto e lanciando dapprima il mini cd “Autumnal Heavens” e a distanza di pochi mesi il primo full del terzetto bavarese “From the Lone Winters Cold”. Gli Augrimmer sono autori di un black metal fortemente influenzato proprio dalla scena teutonica, che certo si può definire old school, ma che ha nel suo DNA, una fortissima componente melodica, che si riflette in un riffing dal vago sapore epico, dove sfuriate in tipico mood anni novanta, si alternano a inserimenti acustici di sicura presa. In alcuni frangenti gli Augrimmer mi hanno ricordato due band loro connazionali, un misto fra Odal e Wolfsschrei, un connubio che fa di “From the Lone Winters Cold” un album dal sicuro impatto, merito anche di una produzione, che pur rimanendo molto scarna, esalta in maniera ottimale il feeling di quest’album, mettendo in risalto soprattutto le chitarre e le loro melodie notturne. Ci troviamo dunque di fronte ad un album veramente ispirato, certo non originale, ma ormai sinceramente non ricerco più l’originalità nel black metal, che ha i suoi tipici standard che vanno seguiti, un album che di certo farà la felicità di chi cerca un black metal tinto da spruzzate di melodia e da un feeling sincero e puro.

Pitchline: 8/10

Últimamente están saliendo a la luz bastantes bandas que después de muchos años de creación de la misma, lanzan por primera vez sus discos. Este es el caso de la banda que nos atañe hoy, los alemanes Augrimmer. Creados como proyecto one-man-band a finales de los 90, no fue hasta hace escasos meses donde vio la luz su primer disco, “From the Lone Winters Cold”.
Desde la primera escucha, este disco desprende un aura especial, con una atmósfera que hacía bastante que no me transmitía ningún grupo. Todos los temas están cortados bajo el mismo patrón de Black Metal noruego, donde podemos ver muchas reminiscencias de grupos como los primeros Gorgoroth o Immortal, mezclado sutilmente con algún que otro toque de la escena sueca, pudiendo mencionar a Setherial o a Dissection en su parte más melódica; pero sin duda de un grupo de donde maman directamente son Taake. Sólo hace falta escuchar parte de la primera canción, que da título al disco, “From The Lone Winters Cold”, para darse cuenta de esa fuerte influencia, con unos riffs de corte muy épicos, acordes abiertos, dejando ese halo de esperanza en el horizonte.
Hacen en todo momento muy buena combinación entre los riffs más blackers, con otros de corte pagano, y jugando con medios tiempos, pero lo que más destaca son las partes más lentas, intercaladas con interludios acústicas, como podemos comprobar en “The Nightful Sleep Below”, una de las mejores y más variadas de todo el disco. Me ha gustado mucho la producción que tiene el disco, no está en ningún caso sobresaturada, tiene un sonido fiel a la realidad, aunque el pero lo pondría en la voz, donde vemos que es demasiado standard, y le falta un toque de peculiaridad para que destacase entre otras, además que para mi gusto está demasiado alta, ya que si estuviese un poco más “hundida”, ganaría mucho más ambiente.
También comentar, que para la ocasión han decidido regrabar dos temas pertenecientes a la demo editada en el año 2007, en concreto los temas son “At Winterdawn” y “Deadlights”. Otra canción a destacar es “The Orcus Storms”, donde vemos de nuevo la influencia de Taake, en un riff muy épico. También cabe destacar el trato al bajo, presente en todo momento, además con unas líneas muy atrayentes y bien trabajadas, cosa que es de agradecer. Igualmente en esta canción se puede ver la influencia de la primera época de Setherial, haciendo así un guiño al black metal de más vieja escuela.
Para ir terminando, es de agradecer que trabajos de esta calidad vean la luz, aunque sea bastante tiempo después de ser engendrados en la cabeza de Nord, guitarrista y fundador del grupo. Habrá que estar atentos a su evolución, ya que dudo que tarden mucho en sacar nuevo material, debido a que el line-up parece por fin consolidado y comprometidos en la causa. Grim is the call of the night!


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